Q: Does your service also include posting regular tweets or Facebook updates or announcements etc for me or on behalf of my company?
A: Yes! We can manage EVERYTHING for you, including us posting regular tweets or updates for you or on behalf of your company. This means you will save on your time and you are free to concentrate on your business.....
Q: What does SocialMediaMarketingPlatform do?
A: We offer Social Media marketing services for your business. Our Social Media experts will create, manage your Social Media presence and increase your business and brand reputation.
Q: What features do you offer?
A: We offer creation and management of various Social Media profiles for your business. Depending on the package you purchase, we offer our services on the popular social networks such as facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many more. Read the full package details and compare products on our website.
Q: Can I do this without any knowledge about Social Media?
A: Yes you can! It’s our job to take your business to the Social Media world and manage it for you. We’ll keep you updated on everything and you have complete visibility over our activities.
Q: What kind of customer support do you provide?
A: We pride ourselves in constant customer care. If you have any queries, our contact lines are open. You can also create a support ticket through your account and be amazed at how fast our support is!
Q: Can I call you if it is something urgent?
A: Yes you can! We’re working around the clock and the lines are open for you.
Q: Will I have 24 hour service?
A: Yes you will. We are more than happy to help around the clock.
Q: How do I create/ open a ticket?
A: Simply use the User module in your account of our website. Click on ‘Support’ and create a support ticket. Additional information on support tickets are found in the User Manual we send you.
Q: Do you have customer testimonials?
A: Yes we do! You can find them on our website.
Q; Why should I use your service? What are the benefits?
A: Well, for a start, how much is YOUR time REALLY worth to you? How much would it cost you in terms of your time to set it up and do it all for yourself (and then also keep it up - day after day, month after month, year after year.... )? - I'll bet that it's worth a LOT more than our social media marketing packages cost..... Another benefit is that you don't have to learn anything technical at all - because we'll do it all for you.